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Say It With A Sketch.

Say It With A Sketch.

#Sketchbookers has officially become a thing now in Calgary!  At the tail end of our gathering we assembled a few sketchbooks with our latest ...
Figure models have more to offer

Figure models have more to offer

L.I.F.E. Studio It’s a simple acronymic descriptor that happens to be somewhat clever regarding the context of drawing the human figure and the imm...
Let’s Talk Figuratively For a Moment....

Let’s Talk Figuratively For a Moment....

SOooo....where once we had one beautiful group of artist we now have a multitude of inspired artists who all have a different way of presenting the...

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Mark's teaching style is just what the doctor ordered for my sons and daughter. They have all improved so much!!

Justin Taylor

I really enjoyed the Mission Possible workshops -- I learned soooo much!

Alice Wagar

Mark is a pleasure to work with. Every work of art I've commissioned him for has been spot on and worth every penny!!

Greg Isherwood

Everyone should attend a Sketchbookers meetup. Not only is Mark always willing to offer a free 'drawing tuneup' but everyone else is so creative and welcoming that I can't wait to be at the next one. 

Rod Z.