Fanta-Sci Character Portraits

About Mark

Come take a walk with me on an adventurous and imaginative journey. Look and see how even though life can be rough around the edges the deeper you look the more you see the primary energies and shapes that forge our wondrous world. This artist simply seeks to share that vision with you through story, character portraiture and by offering design solutions that benefit the way we look and interact with our surroundings. If you want this too - then come - Let imagination light your way as well!

Mark is quite intuitive when it comes to working with your commissioned requests! I was super happy with what he created for us!

Justin Taylor

I Absolutely love his caricature style. Totally fits our family! He drew all of us in just a few minutes!!

Sandra Lee

I Really appreciate Mark’s level of professionalism when it came to working with us on our creative project!

Rob Richard

Mark has an amazing talent for telling story in graphic form - just wish he’d post this material sometime in the next millenium! ;-)

Mark Northcott

Commission The Studio Here!

This link should eventually take you straight to a new kind of checkout page. Using FreshBooks I am able to also track my time as well as product based flat fees. I will post an update as soon as I see that it’s up and running.