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This video highlights some of the sketches, drawings, and other artwork I can teach you, but we want to show you how to discover your own inner artist!

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Whether you are new to this or not you're sure to enjoy a new demonstration before every three hour event. Every event has a theme and a story behind the poses as well -- in case you're looking for that little something extra to inspire your art!


....on this page LEGENDS might be borne....

"Stay Tuned."

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I Now Return To My Regularly Scheduled Lily Pad...

I Now Return To My Regularly Scheduled Lily Pad... the big pond that is the world wide web!   After a little reconstructive techno-scribbling this website is back up! My grand design is as...
Best way to sketch your cartoons quickly!

Best way to sketch your cartoons quickly!

This is a simple image...sketch - and I really like it because even though it is a digital drawing it gives me the same freedom as with any pape...


Mark's teaching style is just what the doctor ordered for my sons and daughter. They have all improved so much!!

Justin Taylor

I really enjoyed the Mission Possible workshops -- I learned soooo much!

Alice Wagar

Mark is a pleasure to work with. Every work of art I've commissioned him for has been spot on and worth every penny!!

Greg Isherwood

Everyone should attend a Sketchbookers meetup. Not only is Mark always willing to offer a free 'drawing tuneup' but everyone else is so creative and welcoming that I can't wait to be at the next one. 

Rod Z.

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