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At The Masquerade Figure Draw

During the last figure drawing event I attended I was honoured to be host of the drawing portion of it, and it was a great learning experience for me as well. There were about ten fantastic models there who were all really easy to work with. I find it did help a great deal however to have a sense of place and space during the show.

There are three things that really have a heavy impact on how well a figure drawing event goes in my experience. Music is such a strong influence on the emotional approach we artistically choose, and its affect on the postures the models strike in a session is profound. 

Lighting has everything to do with a challenge the artist constantly seeks - we love to explore all the different ways light falls on the human form as well as FABRIC on the human form! A more dramatic scene could not be created when the lighting is set to punctuate a model's body with perfectly contrasting shadows and light. 

Lastly, for me I am enjoying more and more the backdrop of a theme or story. This is a big part of Liquid Imagination's purpose...I am constantly checking in with myself to be sure I'm offering continuity to those that draw with me, and asking myself whether my cohorts have been provided adequate demonstration by the guest artist. I'll go back to review the art I've generated from model's I've worked with or found on Instagram just to see if certain things are apparent to those listening.

If there's no story it's harder to connect the series of poses together either in the same or different compositions.

I've only ever attended life drawing workshops, or sessions for one of two reasons. Those would be to explore my skills at observing the details of the human form. I need quite a few minutes with a pose like this - 'how long can you hold that pose!?' The other reason is to generate base material for a series of fantasy paintings for perhaps a show or a job where I've been hired to create something in particular. 

I'll be thinking about his event - but not too much. There's always room for improvement, and I'm not in any major rush to perfection. I think I'll enjoy the journey along the way.


Sketch ya later!


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