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Figure models have more to offer

L.I.F.E. Studio

It’s a simple acronymic descriptor that happens to be somewhat clever regarding the context of drawing the human figure and the immediate props and surroundings. However how often do you really consider what it is your drawing?

We love to attend figure drawing events because the models are fascinating, and we hold our poise in such a way as to be ready to really study that head - those hands - her feet - his quadracepts....

Figurative drawing serves it’s purpose often enough functionally in that artists are frequently caught capturing the anatomical details - but I ask you - how often have you seen the form in context and created a holistic composition based on ALL of your senses?

Typically it’s floating bodies on paper. 

No background.

No context of what is a fully developed person on the stage with a personality and everything!

In Liquid Imagination thematic Music plays to the Story that the model is busy assuming a connective series of poses directly related. 

You are invited and welcomed to attend a L.I.F.E. Studio event in order to take in the holistic approach, and to see what level your imagination can take your art to this time!

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