How To Sketch Figuratively

Last night we enjoyed a great evening of drawing and photographing some very beautiful people! Beauty of course, is usually in the eye of the beholder, but I think this time I can safely say that this level of beauty is not s just skin deep. I really think it's a very bold thing to shed one's clothes and bare your creative soul to a group of artists keen to capture the essence of the models' performance.

However, the courage is not all on the model. You have to have artists willing to expose their own selves to their peers as well as the model. There is an inherent expectation for the artist to create an archetypal image of the model in a requisite period of time. This does not always come to pass.

Don't feel bad if you're the artist who just got a few whisper lines down before the time was up and the models were gladly moving into a new pose. Whew! You're constantly thinking to yourself this will be the last time you expose this creative shortcoming to your peers who have seen much better work from you in the past. What's that scribbling? Did you not benefit from tracing something you found on Google or Pinterest? Ha! Of COURSE you'll have these emotions and more crop up to slow your progress in capturing that wondrous scene before you. And now the host of the event wants me to what --?! Just whip up a background and contemplate the future of this scribble??? Wow! I guess I'm not cut out for figure drawing....

STOOOooooooppp thinking all of the above. Just stop.

You may be thinking I'm going to post a series of helpful tips and tricks for you dear reader to stash in your toolbelt. On the contrary - I'll be posting a series of thoughts as I've always done as a digital method of recounting my own feelings of art events and creative endeavours that I encounter on my journey to artistic excellence. After last night I've been inspired once again to rediscover the creative spirit I thought I'd un-leashed, but find I still have not loosened that rope as much as I previously believed. My first tip to myself is to remember to get loose from the beginning and not to worry about the details, because - like that neat little email parable that went viral sometime back about the larger stones fitting into a jar before all the little rocks and sand were added - art is so much like this in itself. Just get the structure first, don't worry about a thing, and enjoy the heck out of yourself along the way. Before I know it I've see created something fantastic in 10 minutes that would have otherwise taken me 6 hours to complete without taking a breath and building that foundation first.

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