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Let’s Talk Figuratively For a Moment....

SOooo....where once we had one beautiful group of artist we now have a multitude of inspired artists who all have a different way of presenting the life studio. Hmmn. A quandary indeed as to where to go THIS week.

Some artists seek the loooonng pose, and others just love to race through the poses for a couple of hours, and then I suppose there are those who dig a little of both - like myself! In this post I intend to share with you everything I could find about all the figure pose events in and around Calgary, Alberta CA.

First up - the very first group I ever attended after moving to Calgary - OFFBEAT Figure Drawing led by the enigmatic Desiree Pressey. I very much enjoy her 2 hour sessions that are infused with soul activating music by local artists, and in a new venue every time. However, you won’t discover the venue until you get a ticket! When I first began my venture into hosting LIQUID IMAGINATION FIGURATIVE EXPERIENCE Studio I modelled quite a few aspects off her event coordination! It served my fellow artists well too. She is a saavy artisan in business. Hard to beat the immersiveness of these events featuring as many models as she does, and had been only $25 for cost of admission. Be prepared to bring your own cushion though for occasionally cozy spaces!

Next up was and still is a heavy hitter in the realm of people posing as people - and getting paid for it. Swintons Figure Drawing led by Milo Dlouhy or illustrious Doug Swinton himself (when last I attended) every Tuesday from 6-8. If I had an art studio (well - WHEN I had a brick and mortar art studio) that is exactly what I initiated. I had a regular time frame and cost for people to engage their inner ‘drop-in’ selves. They are located very near the Chinook Center Mall off Fischer Road East of MacLeod Trail. It’s $12 for drop-in and they’ve got a punch card. That is something I intend to create this week in it’s tangible form, but you can already make good on it now virtually by visiting the “Discovery Ticket.

Around the same time I became interested in the goings on of a place called Gorilla House. Ha! They even had a gorilla mask for a kind of mascot type of thing. My understanding is that two or more light hearted and passionate teachers had taken on this mantle in the heart of the city (and still do farther north under the name ‘Rumble House’) to effectively bring art to the people of Calgary in as many ways as they can. Several nights of the week have a different theme and group activity. As far as when they host - I want to say Thursdays at 7 are when they hold weekly sessions for about $20 as well. I can’t speak highly enough of Rich and Jess. They are bastions of good will amongst artists in this city and beyond. I think someone should create a comic book series on their heroism within the art community!

A fourth group I took interest in when IT popped up was the ‘Long Pose’ Figurative Drawing Group entitled ‘Calgary Figure Drawing’ located in the MidLake Art Studio. Like my own events they can be easily found on Meetup.com...see the link for the group. My event on meetup is through the Calgary SketchBookers meetup page. They charge $20.91 per person (as it may be the tax applicability here). Not bad considering I charge $20 per person unless you’re a drop-in at the door I charge $25. I’m up front with the idea I prefer having a good idea who’s committed to improving their figurative skills with me, and who may or may not show up...’Nuff said!

The last two groups I’ve had the pleasure of sketching with are Ian Hoare at his Calgary-based photography studio north of the Chinook Mall off MacLeod Trail, and lastly, but most definitely nOT leastly - with Brian ‘Bunny’ Batista at his glorious location in cSPACE King Edward revised North of Marda Loop - Atelier Artista! An excellent location I have to say as it is also where I now host my current events. Woo-hooo!!! Hosting events every Wednesday from 7-10 pm at the cost of $20 per person it’s a space and place you’ll want to attend at least once if not every wednesday.

I’ve linked like crazy in here, and love to share the proverbial love, but didn’t wanna make this a mini-novella so if you’d like to know more about my glowing experiences about any one of the events I’ve attended above please feel free to bend my virtual ear, and I’ll be more than happy to respond with My thoughts on why one would want to attend either one over the other.

A final note on this matter. Since I do have an event coming up REAL fast this Friday, January 19th, I decided that tomorrow I’ll write a bit more on what I’m doing these days with the LIFE Studio project.

Okay. Whew. I’m done. For now....Sketch Ya Later!


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