On the lookout for the essence of life drawing

While I am often busy planning and offering my own LIFE Studio events it is nice to step back a bit and recall why it is I attend these activities. Then I saw Desere Pressey's latest YouTube posting.

It is artfully captured in the attached video one evening during one of the many #Offbeatfiguredrawing events that happen allaround the city of Calgary #yyc. (Note: it didnt used to be so bloody hard to share a Youtube video in a website, but alas this website requires some kind of elusive "iframe..." dialog that I just can't ever seem to find easily so please copy past this video link. you'll be glad you did!

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I like to attend as many of the different figurative events as I can. Sometimes life is just a quagmire of busyness, but eventually, there's a point in time where the vibrational cacophany stills...and that's when you'll most appreciate being at one of these events.

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