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Say It With A Sketch.

#Sketchbookers has officially become a thing now in Calgary! 
At the tail end of our gathering we assembled a few sketchbooks with our latest doodles for a quick photo op. We want you to know that we will have two more Sketchbooker dates happening in the next few weeks, so check back often into the meetup.com/calgary-sketch-bookers meetup page to find out the when and where for your next sketching adventure!
If you’re out there looking for a place to #sketchwithothers than look no further (for now) - we’ve got you covered. There are new and experienced artists that enjoy the Share-n-Tells, the Sketchy Moments challenges among others, and the witty and artistic reparte’ that we bandy about every week.
Should you find yourself in need of hanging out with a creative group like this look for upcoming dates available on Thursdays, Saturdays, and yes - still on Sundays.

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