Surface Pro Demos!

Artists in the modern age are no longer restricted to mucking about in our home or office studios. We do have options, and those options now involve a tablet and a stylus....and this can be sometimes a confusing or bewildering step for many as the upfront costs can be turn an artist or designer off if they really don't know what they're investing in.
I am offering classes on building and using your tablets as a Digital Art Studio in Calgary, AB Canada. However, as I mentioned jumping into a class may be a no-brainer if you've already purchased a Surface Pro or iPad Pro - but what about those of you who have wondered?
That's why I decided to help out anyone with an inkling to use the Surface Pro in a more graphic manner by offering first a demo or two at the Microsoft Store in the Chinook Mall. It's simply a chance to get a taste for whether or not you might have what it takes to setup and operate a lower overhead art studio or - if you've already purchased the tech maybe you really need to know about using the best apps and how to apply traditional drawing and painting techniques in them.
There's only one way to find out - RSVP for the only demos I'll be offering for several months. 

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