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What Is...'The Drawing Board?'

When it comes to writing we either seem to write too much or can't find the words to start. So Blogs are cathartic for people. We need a way to journal our thoughts and daily events to make better sense of them.

To this end, I am calling my blog - a Sketch-Blog. Not just a bunch of disconnected words but rather a dialog of words and art. Sketches of my daily life that are intended to share with you information I find relevant to your understanding of ME as an artist, and what I feel my art contributes to society as a whole. This is my little pocket of the universe where I get to put my pallette of color and art tools aside and allow you inside my inner circle for just a little while where you might find a little tip, trick, or solid steps you can use in your own work flow.

I want to answer questions I've had to reach out and discover for myself or couldn't readily find on the web so that you might raise your arms high up in the air and fling them down to your sides in the sign of a touchdown - Eureka, Man - you found your Holy Grail in my sketch blog....Mark's little corner of the World Wide Web. I really believe that "one raindrop raises the sea." My singular vote can make a difference -- if I make a lot of commotion the rest of the web tends to take notice. ;-} Wanna help me do that!?

Sketch ya later!


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