Why Attend A Liquid Imagination Figurative Experience Studio Event?

LIFE Studio Artwork Results
You may have wondered why you attend the figure drawing or life drawing events that you do. Surely, you answer yourself that you simply enjoy going. While there is certainly merit to 'liking' something there must be a greater reason for you to pack up all your gear, traverse to a remote location, spend 2-3 hours standing or hunching over your canvases and sketch pads.... All for the satisfaction of adding more loose doodles and gestural marks in your sketchbook? I think not.
As I've attended more of these functions myself now - it has become apparent to me that the need to study the human figure in a live event amongst one's artistic peer group is amaking - but the desire to create beauty and draw out the raw elements of the model(s) before you is even greater.
I know that I must be onto something true here, because I feel it too! That something I desire lies just beyond the doodle or gestural form. It rests squarely in the form of a final piece of artwork that personifies the model's postural story juxtaposed with a fantastic background informed by my immediate senses in any given environment of the event.
This all may sound quite complicated at first, but that is why my events come with a walk through demonstration at the beginning. My intention is to offer a step by step tutorial of mine or another feature artist's process in creating the work we do (for example mine pictured above) from the beginning to implied end.
I look forward to every event that I or one of my peers can share another way to draw out what we truly find so amazing about being at these events. Come see us at the next event on June 16th, 2017 at the cSPACE King Edward building on the top floor in the Atelier Artista Studio where even more amazing art happens. You'll be glad you did! 
Until next time,
Sketch Ya Later!

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