Anything you can think of - I can give it a fantasy, sci-fi, or cartoon-y spin by e-mailing me a detailed description specifying WHAT you want. 

(Please Read)

1. Email me photos and written description of your request.
2. You may return to this page to select and pay for the appropriate type of artwork you're in need of.
3. After selection and payment I'll begin work on your commission. If there is a waiting line I'll post as much on this page.
4. I'll begin by forwarding a rough pencil sketch.
This gives me an opportunity to determine if there are any slight modifications you really must have in the commissioned art, and that I am correctly interpreting your detailed description. THIS IS THE TIME TO GET IT RIGHT! Only your requested changes are addressed at this point. No more. No less. Thank you for your understanding. :-)

****LAST NOTE!*****

5. As part of the process and to begin any work I will also complete an short agreement form with you so we may stay on track and recognize any major shifts in scope of commission. A protection and guide for you and I both!
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