Master Plan Drawings

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This is a heavy duty project requiring a great deal of research and creative energies to assemble for a client, which is why this product commands a respectable price tag.***

A fully-rendered (in color) Master Plan drawing will typically be accompanied by the following elements for a client that is committed to the improvements made to their property. This client will utililize these plan drawings for whichever landscape contractor wins the job:**

- Base Map Drawing

- Grading/Drainage Plan (suggested)

- Elevation Drawings (Qty of 3)

- Plant List (suggested)

- Detail Drawings (if required)

- Irrigation Plan (suggested)

Due to the costs and timing of home improvement projects these days it is wise that you’ve chosen to consider a “plan” to run with first, because you will have the power of fully communicating your intentions to the contractor.*


*Please note: Some contractors may be finnicky about using another designer’s plan drawings for their own work. You may always put them in touch with me should any questions arise regarding any aspect of the plans you receive.

** Also know this - once this project is initiated I will be in constant communication with you in order to do my best at visually illustrating a drafted plan that best conveys the best solution to your needs. With this investment in time I would hope that your chosen contractor is also attentive to your needs and the reasons behind any design decisions we arrive at.

*** For a design product like this the project never really ends, but sadly my services must find resolution rapidly if not for the sake of your budget, but for reasons regarding degradation of a design focus. This is why I will always allow two additional revisions to as many aspects of the plan drawing as required. Anything beyond warrants revisiting the basemap notes and initiating a different design flow - a new Master Plan purchase would be desirable. This is a rare occasion however as the information collected at the beginning of this project should be sufficient in moving homeowner and designer in the right direction the first time through.