Caricature Artist

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Caricatures are such a great gift and an exciting event activity for the adults as well as the kids! What’s more - the digital caricature offers you the freedom of instantly sharing with others from your phone or tablet, printing new ones at your discretion, and using for social media not to mention it’s really nice not to worry about damaging the artwork while walking around or in transit.

I’m available for personal as well as organizational events.*


*PLEASE NOTE: That caricature art for events are typically black & white and only depicting head & shoulders of attendees. Color and other attributes may be added later at the request of attendees after the event by 1. visiting the ‘Caricatures’ page, 2. selecting the type of caricature desired, followed by 3. Contacting me with an attachment of the original caricature art and a description of what you would like to reinforce the selection of caricature art desired.