Once Upon A Story

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This is such a unique service and I’m so happy to offer you at this time!

All you need is the relevant photos of anyone involved in your story sent to Maxin Art Studio, along with as much detail as you require so that we know how the story goes, and we’ll assemble it in your chosen story format.

Here’s your chance to see in print (or digitally) the stories you’ve told around the scrapbook or campfire without the aid of a photo album. Also a superb idea to gift someone this amazing service!

Genres available are as follows, and can be selected on a per story basis;

1. Caricature Illustration

2. Character Portrait

3. Manga

Of these styles you can also choose how many panels (and thus how many pages) your story will have based on the amount of text required. Typically 4-5 panels fit comfortably on a page. It is best to calculate the options provided with this in mind. To further determine an appropriate number of panels/pages for your story use the following data as well: Figure on no more than 220 words per page, or 35 words per panel and no more than 25 words per bubble or text balloon. These are the guidelines established by Alan Moore in his reference text, and I find they work best for my own creations.


**PLEASE NOTE: At this time all options are available digitally, and thus the savings are passsed on to you! We are looking into the printed format options currently.