About Mark & Maxin Art Studio

Who I AM....

I AM a grown man with the mind of a bedazzled young boy on an infinitely creative adventure.

Growing up my paradigm was that I am a living product of my environment. My parents strive to be the best role models they can be without that proverbial parental instruction manual I keep hearing about. So I picked up quite easily on the good AND the bad habits of their behaviours. However, upon advice from an editor many moons ago I was encouraged to read as much as I could if I ever wanted to hope to publish cartoons with any future newspapers. Did that - still doing, and that is why I now believe everyone pretty much writes their own story if given half a chance to make decisions based on our emotional guidance systems. Contrary to popular belief it is my current opinion that we are only products of our environment through our own choosing.

Early on I chose a new direction based on my reading and set out to make my own destiny. I would do my best to set aside feelings stored up over the years to be clear headed in my actions. If I were still unable to free my attention toward other things I turned to pencils, crayons, or whatever else was available for mark-making. I found early on that voicing my thoughts was a rather challenging thing and the easiest way to express myself was through art.


"Children should be seen and not heard!" "Mark, why don't you just go over there and play with your toys while the grown ups talk?!" [smiley-faced adults in room] "Mark - We're trying to have a conversation here...." Mark - That's not what you're homework is for...."

Middle School:

I love my parents, and would do absolutely anything for them if within my power to so, but it would have been great to be more included in the conversations. Of course the teachers I had also would have responded better had they known better at the time. As an adult wanting to start my own branching of the family tree, I realize there's no super-cool manual for raising kids to adulthood, but from my experiences I will definitely make certain to be more wary of my childrens' need to communicate. Not being perfect, this will undoubtedly leave some other chakra unwittingly undernourished. I guess we do what we can with the knowledge we have.

Junior College:

Who knew my need to be heard would translate to an intense focus on being heard in other ways. Ways such as learning to draw cartoons that opine my truest thoughts on the matter for the multitudes to read and respond to - not just the smiley-faced adults in the room. It may sound like a poor me story at first, but that's not how it feels to me now!

University & Beyond...!

It may sound like a poor me story at first, but that's not how it was. Though I believe it all begins with my need to be heard, my Parents were both serious artistic influences in my life by sharing their amazing grasp on the seven liberal arts: Astronomy, Arithmetic, Art, Logic, Rhetoric, Grammar and Geometry! School helped a little. With my increasing understanding of why we do what we do, and a seemingly inexhaustible art supply the world was indeed my oyster growing up!

Today - I find ways to communicate those concepts most dear to me through my artwork, and help others find their own way to express themselves in creative ways in the drawing classes/workshops I offer.