About Me

I AM a cartoonist at heart, a musician, and a fine artist. I love to connect with people on a personal level, and that is one of the things that makes my art unique to each person - the connection and story that goes along with each piece I create. It's never just about ME. I love to create works that bring people great joy.

As a cartoonist I bring laughter and perhaps a tear or two should the truth of my illustrative opine hits a nerve. In my role as an illustrator I connect people emotionally through the context of the artwork.

When you come to me for piece of my art you will receive an illustration that speaks volumes to your heart and mind, and hopefully as deep as your soul. Another thing that is unique to my artwork is the depth and layers of story within every piece. I look forward to hearing each of your stories.

Until then, always remember to maintain a clear mind, a journal or sketchbook daily, and perhaps a cup of tea or coffee every morning. Otherwise, you may find you're walking around like a wooden zombie fresh from the box.