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Web Comic Collection

We have three web comix on the go. The Wandering Yogi, Chance Mason, and Frontier. Each one deals with a different viewpoint that I wanted to explore more for myself than for any other reason. 
In The Wandering Yogi, I have a keen interest in discovering more about myself after having earned a teacher training certification in yoga. There were seven more limbs of thought than I was aware of prior to these classes.
Every class brought with it new epiphanies and a possible revision to the way I viewed my existing environment. This story will reveal my discoveries in what I hope to be a more riveting fashion and serve to teach myself more through reflection. 
Chance Mason is really a reboot of a comic book I used to draw back in junior high school. I am still a huge James Bond fan thanks to Mr. Ian Fleming and the talented actors who really brought him to life.
As a young aspiring secret agent myself I was deep into the foibles an agent could get themselves into yet never ever seeing or imagining the goriest ways to 'end' an agent of evil. On the contrary, my stories always had that flavor of cheesy luck with a dash of salty mishap and to provide the crunchy texture the bad guys always lost, but escaped to foul up life again in the near future.
This re-imagining of a childhood spymaster has a slightly grittier taste to it now. I hope you enjoy the high adventure and that it leaves a taste of apple pie in your mouths - salivating for yet another adventure with Chance.
Finally, I'm pleased to bring you little bits of story from an epic comic I've created. There's a whole world out there, and it's devoid of electrical power or civilization the way you or I know it. Imagine Earth millions of years ago when Earth wasn't overrun with concrete jungle....now - in fact, the jungle has overrun the concrete, and society is run with the iron fist of feudal law. Five 'houses' of power dictate the flow of commerce on Earth now, and only a few are aware of a 'better way,' based on a prophecy that has only recently come to realize itself....enter into a new adventure - possibly your final - Frontier.